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DUDIEU AVOCATS is a leading law firm specializing in intellectual property law and corporate law in Africa French Speaking Countries. The firm has grown into an African business law icon, with the largest intellectual property law practice supported by a strong commercial, corporate and litigation practice.

Our particularity

In DUDIEU AVOCATS, we don’t believe that all Law Firms in Africa are pretty much th...

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DUDIEU AVOCATS is a leading African law firm specializing in 

Our publications

  • La  procédure  d’opposition  à  l’enregistrement  des  marques  dans  l’espace A.P.I., A...

  • In DUDIEU AVOCATS, we don’t believe that all Law Firms in Africa are pretty much the same. What separates us from the pack is not what we do, BUT HOW WE DO IT! <...

  • DUDIEU AVOCATS is a leading African law firm specializing in CORPORATE LAW and INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW. Our firm has been ...

    • La  procédure  d’opposition  à  l’enregistrement  des  marques  dans  l’espace A.P.I., Août 2006, 138 pages, Edition Presses Universitaires Libres.

Practice Areas

Intellectual Property Law

DUDIEU AVOCATS offers an extended range of trade mark services to ...

Commercial & Corporate Law

DUDIEU AVOCATS played a significant role in the integration of our local marketplac...

Anti-couterfeiting and brand protection

Trademark litigations spans a wide range of areas such as infringement of trade marks, patent prosec...

Banking and corporate finance

DUDIEU AVOCATS is ranked amongst the top law firms in Central Africa in the represe...

Privatization and foreign investments

Our attorneys are leading advisers on privatization and foreign direct investment in Cameroon, actin...

Attorneys Team

Dr Christian Dudieu DJOMGA holds a PHD in Intellectua

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1. Dr Christian Dudieu DJOMGA

Lawyer / IP Attorney

Farida joined DUDIEU AVOCATS in 2005 after completing a degree in Law.

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2. Mrs Farida EVELE

Corporate Lawyer

Aristide is a Solicitor and Advocate at the Cameroonian Bar. He is a k

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Ingrid holds diplomas in Corporate Law and Drafting and Interpretation

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Why Choose DUDIEU Avocats

Our firm has been rooted in over 20 years of legal excellence since its founding in 1998 by Dr Christian Dudieu DJOMGA. The firm is characterized by a strong commitment to professionalism, and client care and partner accessibility are two of the cornerstones of the practice.

Our team

C.E.O.Dr Christian Dudieu DJOMGA Lawyer specialized in intellectual proper...

Legal Publications

  • La  procédure  d’opposition  à  l’enregistrement  des  marques  dans  l’espace A.P.I., Août 2006, 138 pages,...



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