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Monthly Archives: novembre 30, 2015

Our particularity

In DUDIEU AVOCATS, we don’t believe that all Law Firms in Africa are pretty much the same. What separates us from the pack is not what we do, BUT HOW WE DO IT!

  • We are aggressive, not conservative.
  • ...

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Our Profile

DUDIEU AVOCATS is a leading African law firm specializing in CORPORATE LAW and INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW. Our firm has been rooted in over 19 years of legal excellence since its f...

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Our publications

  • La  procédure  d’opposition  à  l’enregistrement  des  marques  dans  l’espace A.P.I., Août 2006, 138 pages, Edition Presses Universitaires Libres.
  • La revendication de propriété des marques dans l’espace O.A.P.I.,...

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