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Our particularity

Our particularity

In DUDIEU AVOCATS, we don’t believe that all Law Firms in Africa are pretty much the same. What separates us from the pack is not what we do, BUT HOW WE DO IT!

  • We are aggressive, not conservative.
  • We are results oriented, not just legal practitioners.
  • We offer high quality service and competitive price.
  • Our reactivity, seriousness and integrity are well-known.

Our clients and partners clearly understand and value this difference. If you are ready for a change, just send us an e-mail at: mail@dudieu.com and experience the difference.

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DUDIEU AVOCATS is a leading law firm specializing in intellectual property law and corporate law in Africa French Speaking Countries. The firm has grown into an African business law icon, with the largest intellectual property law practice supported by a strong commercial, corporate and litigation practice.

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