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Our team

C.E.O.Dr Christian Dudieu DJOMGA

Lawyer specialized in intellectual property litigation since 1998, Industrial Property Attorney, Authorized Representative to the African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI), Dr. Christian Dudieu DJOMGA first taught intellectual property law at the Catholic University of Central Africa and the University of Yaounde 2 (Soa), then directed for twenty (20) years two prestigious consultancy Firms of Industrial Property in Cameroon.

Member of INTA, APRAM, SAIIPL and NAPP, his clients include prestigious companies (such as DANONE GROUP, UNILEVER, PHILIP MORRIS, DIAGEO, BIODERMA, LOUIS VUITTON, MOËT HENNESSY (LVMH), TROPIK INDUSTRIES, MAGIC POWER, MERCK, BOEING, DAIMLER) and represented in Africa major European, American and Asian firms, he realized how difficult it was for his clients to find reliable, diligent intellectual property firms in Africa and charging the right price for their trademark rights.

It is to provide a realistic, objective, current and integral solution to these findings that he created the law firm DUDIEU AVOCATS.



  • Barrister Aristide MBOUN NGUEDIA

Aristide is the Head of Corporate Dept of the firm. He is involved in litigation and valuations in all areas of African corporate law.

  • Dr Constatin Ives Martial ONDOA

Constantin has a law degree and is an admitted attorney and registered trademark attorney. He moved to DUDIEU AVOCATS from JING & PARTNERS and is the head of our Trade Marks department. He is also involved in litigation and valuations in all areas of intellectual property.

  • Mrs Ingrid MOGOUM WABO

Ingrid holds diplomas in Corporate Law and Drafting and Interpretation of Contracts. She moved from Cabinet ISIS to join DUDIEU AVOCATS in 2016.



  • Mrs Farida EVELE

Farida joined DUDIEU AVOCATS in 2005 after completing a degree in Law. She is now a qualified Corporate Lawyer. Farida current activities include the creation of companies for foreign public and private investors. She also assists investors to manage their fiscal and administrative files and procedures.

  • Mrs Carine Michèle AMBANI ZONO

Carine Michèle joined DUDIEU AVOCATS and is responsible for the IP MAGAZINE of the firm (PIAF-Intellectual Property Central and West Africa)

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DUDIEU AVOCATS is a leading law firm specializing in intellectual property law and corporate law in Africa French Speaking Countries. The firm has grown into an African business law icon, with the largest intellectual property law practice supported by a strong commercial, corporate and litigation practice.

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